Saturday, March 8, 2014

They're NOT fur boots dammit!

Walking out of work when the security guard decides to chat it up. (Ok i guess) We're talking and what not when the mumbles from a lady behind me become very clear .... "...And day wonder why dur so fucken busy ... Mira la huerca y su Starbucks ... Se cree que es chingona ... Pinche blue pants y fur boots ..." Wtf! (They're not fur boots damit) I am instantly infuriated. I know she isn't talking about me!?? But I can only assume me since no one else is wearing blue pants! I walk right up to her and as politely as possible ask, "Did you have something to say to me ma'am?" "No! ... well yea... instead of standing around drinking jour fucking Starbucks y chismando ... couljew help out jour customers!!??? I want my light back on!!! Bexar county already made payment!" I can't stand attitude from a stranger and customers that call their electric bills a light bill! "I'm sorry but you're not MY anything ma'am. I don't own CPS nor am I on the clock to ...." "So what the fuck now jew wanna kick my ass or que ... Te crees que eres better than me!? & don't fucking call me ma'am cuz ..." By now she's no longer sitting down and people are staring. Ugh, I want to knock her out!!! Instead I simply got in her face and cut her off ... "MA'AM! I'm going to have to ask you to sit down or I will have you escorted out the building and you'll spend the entire weekend without ELECTRICITY!" She gets real quiet ... Probably because the guard is now between us. Since everything is now calm I tell her as quietly as possible, "And from one human being to another ... I apologize that my coffee and blue pants bother you, but if you had an actual job and paid your bills on time you'd have the means to have a cup of coffee every now and then and maybe in return be a less bitter bitch." I shoot her a smile and walk away as fast as I can. The guard is cool with me so I hope they have my back. But ugh ... I swear I hate people sometimes!!! And they're NOT fur boots damit!!!