Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Conn's is managed by a bunch of fkn idiots!

"Next call jz" (guess Jennifer had too many syllables) "dial out jz" ... blah blah fkn blah. That was my day in and out for the past 18 months! Then last wk Thursday I get called into the little white room ... dun dun dun ....

"I can't believe this, I gave u a raise, I thought u were an honest employee. The reason I called u in here is because I was listening in on ur calls and u hung up on 3 customers, u called the Frost Bank time several times in a row. That's falsifying your calls made per hour."

First of all ... I got that raise cause I asked for it, u didn't give me shit! The customers I released the calls on had arrangements in the system, but because conns takes so fkn long to do anything and we basically harass these ppl day in and day out, I didn't feel like getting bitched @ so I just hung up. Granted i coulda been a lil more professional, u could gave me a warning or at least asked why. Whtvr. And the whole calling time between calls to make sure my dialed #'s quota was met ... u knew I was doing that. You even complained to me how another rep would call our 1800# and listen to the automated machine for 9 mins. Ha! To top all this bullshit off ....

"Due to your recent actions you are being suspended till further notice ..."

Ha u mean we're pansy asses and can't just tell u ur fired to ur face so we will let u go home and maybe call u later to let u know ur fired. This all went down 4/21/11 ... today is 4/28/11 and I am still "suspended" ... Haha

All I gotta say is fk Conns! It's the most inconsistent, ghetto, unorganized, unethical, unprofessional company I've ever worked for. All the managers are walking sexual harassment lawsuits, sleeping with their employees or each other. If there not involved in that drama they are calling the anonymous line on each other as a means of revenge. Ha r u kidding. I can write a top selling book based on all the crap I know. If my unemployment is denied I just might start a rough draft ;)


  1. Dude,sounds rough. At least you seem to have some humour about it--or maybe I just read your writing with a different persona, so I dunno.

    Good luck. x)

  2. Yea Im ok ... not a biggie ... one door closes and another opens :)