Wednesday, May 18, 2011

too late ...

The words that you speak
those things that you say
the meaning seems to change
day after day
“We’re guna be together,
things are guna last … “
we both know our love
will be a thing of the past
it’s hard to admit
or to think that it’s true;
me without you
don’t know what I’ll do!?
but I’m tired of the game
this ride we seem to be on
our “honeymoon” phase …
all that bull shit is gone
you always get mad
even when it’s your fault
you get mad and leave
is what you want ???
that’s all I can do,
assume shit I don’t get
you keep me in the dark
leave me there and forget
you push me away
and yet I’m still there
being loyal to you;
a jerk that don’t care
cause it’s all about you
what you want
what you need
been that way since day one
I was just too blind to see
well the blindfolds are off
it’s a clear sunny day
I see right through your crap
but I don’t know what to say …
“You’re a six year mistake
from beginning to end
a pathetic excuse
for the species of men
I don’t care where you go
what you say, what you do
isn’t that what you wanted??
well, now I want that too.   

1 comment:

  1. "You're a six year mistake". I liked that line.